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I’d like to provide a fresh perspective in a political climate that is overrun by party interests and power struggles. The answer to any problem is almost always found in the grey area, and political discussions have become far too extreme on both ends to truly prioritize the best possible solution. It's imperative that we modernize our government in a way that’s actually reflective of the principles our nation was founded upon by representing a new generation of leaders that value people, not parties.

Legislation should be simple and easy to understand, it should be accessible to the people that it’s governing, and it should be transparent with nothing to hide behind. Leaders need to be held more accountable to engage their constituents without throwing expensive events, and a simpler system should be put in place where constituents can learn about what the government is doing without facing the choice of either reading hundreds of pages or waiting for a media outlet to tell them. We must realign ourselves with this idea, and create a system of accountability to make this happen. 

A Latin phrase, Nunc Coepi, can be translated to meaning a new start, or to start again, in the way that we cannot simply rely on past success to hang our hat on. We must wake up each and every new day ready to recreate something that meets our standards. Again, and again. We built an amazing nation in 1776, and we have overcome many trying times since then. I believe that we are facing one of the biggest adversities our government has faced in 200+ years because of the power struggles we face, but together we can start again with something greater. Nunc Coepi.

Administration & Government Reform

My number one motivation in running for office was to be part of a movement away from party interests overshadowing human interests, away from finger pointing and a lack of accountability.

Our nation was founded upon the ideals that the power of government should belong to the people being governed, and that it is the duty of the government to provide safety and protection to all. Our nation was also founded with the principle of ALL people having the right to Life, to Liberty, and to the pursuit of Happiness. So, what does this mean in modern society? Are we succeeding?

We must simplify and modernize how our government operates to ensure that we uphold these values in today’s society, although the challenges that we face look different now. If we realign our leadership positions to be ones of service, advocating for the people with their engagement, we can return to the united nation we once were. I believe an extremely important step in this is to involve constituents more, and make the operations of what is being done more accessible to all.

If elected, I will prioritize: 

  •  A call for transparency between government and its constituents
  • Translating our nation’s founding ideas to our modern society
  • Making sure our government protects the rights of all people equally
  • Representing a non-party-influenced perspective in government


Besides water supply, agriculture is the single most important factor in sustaining human life. That is where it belongs on the list of priorities in our nation’s industries. As with any industry, we owe our gratitude to the people that allow us to live the way we do, and we need to compensate these people accordingly. All the way down the supply chain, workers that get food from farm to table deserve more recognition than they are given. These people also deserve more assistance from society so they feel fully supported.

The use of harmful chemicals is a big problem in the health of crops, livestock, and humans alike. It is 100% necessary to make a transition towards more sustainable practices with natural materials and processes, and when these practices are implemented we will see not only sustainability and health benefits, but operations and value benefits as well. It is also important to move away from GMOs, and practice regulations to move back towards a natural supply chain. Through all of this, the people that will face the most change and work are farmers, so we must make sure that they are financially and socially supported in this transition.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Policy to compensate farmers, ranchers, and supply chain workers
  • Developing regulation and subsidies for sustainable and ethical practices
  • Supporting small and local agriculture through interest rate control
  • Protecting farmers and ranchers during a time of large changes

Human Rights & Services

All people deserve the right to live in safety, without fear, and be treated with human respect. This is regardless of any dividing factors. This includes shelter, water, food, hygiene essentials, and freedom to express themselves. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that all its constituents, as well as people visiting the country have these rights. Beyond that, it should be their first priority. In certain cases, like with veterans and seniors, even more care should be taken to ensure full support.

In addition to these freedoms that should be available to all, are healthcare and education. In today’s modern society, we absolutely have the resources to provide these to all people, and should make doing so a priority. The United States is the land to chase your dreams, and this right to the pursuit of happiness includes protection from falling through the cracks because of any adversity. When I first started having seizures, my whole world was changed, and I’m lucky I had a safety net to make sure that I could recover to continue chasing my dreams. Everybody deserves this type of safety net.

People that are in our country without citizenship, whether they are traveling, are undocumented workers, are in the process of becoming a citizen, or any other situation, deserve to be treated with human decency always, and with these same basic human rights because we are the United States, and we care about people of all creeds. It’s important we make the path for these people to become citizens clear and accessible, as well as show compassion in accommodating those that must leave.


If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Realigning with the priority to treat ALL people equally
  • Subsidies to provide basic rights, a safety net, for all
  • Protecting veterans’ and seniors’ rights immediately
  • Simplifying the immigration system in an ethical way


Whenever anybody speaks about the state of politics, or our country in general, the first thing out of their mouth is about the economy. This poses a problem because of the fact that the dollar is not a reflection of real value, and hasn’t been for some time now. A lot of what you hear is empty data.

I encourage you to do some research on “money derivatives” and the danger they pose to our entire society should we not mitigate them. The next largest category of monetary value is debt. Stock markets also make up a disproportionate part of the economy to how it relates to consumer wellbeing in terms of cash, checking, and credit. We cannot continue to say that the economy is doing well when it is propped up by hollow financial tools. The dollar is only a tool, and we must remember to treat it as such.

Rather than focusing on large, market level metrics and the performance of huge corporations, the solution to fixing our economy is to measure financial performance using median, individual data that reflects typical families and support small businesses with lower interest rates and loan options. Greater human interests are the end goal of any money or product market, we are forgetting about the people involved and just looking at the numbers in too many cases.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Creating financial transparency, and regulating economic data
  • Lowering interest rates to allow small business to stimulate the economy
  • Stopping quantitative easing so that pricing can regulate in the market
  • Promoting a new generation of true-value currency, possibly blockchain


We should become a nation of learning again, and make it more about having the ability to learn anything we want to than making everyone learn how to think in the exact same way about the exact same things. If we encourage people of all ages to follow their passions and utilize their resources to learn how to be their best, people will want to learn more passionately than I think we can predict. Many people simply think differently, and we need to support them to thrive in their own way. After all, it’s often the one who thinks differently that discovers something great.

Education in modern society should be treated as a right. All people should have access to internet connection, and there is already a huge amount of educational content out there. With guidance, we can raise the level of education not only in the United States, but across the entire world.

The public, K-12 education system is a cornerstone for the future of our society. And unfortunately, it is not treated with that level of priority. Teachers are superstars, dedicating themselves to teaching our children, planting ideas that will one day grow into the shape of our future. Unfortunately, they are not revered for that level of contribution either. Most teachers go into education to inspire, to connect with the passions of their students, and to better the next generation by teaching them to be good people in the process. Teachers do not go into education for paperwork, being told how to do their jobs, or struggling to get by financially. We need to prioritize a system that allows teachers to do what they do best, and support them in doing so.

Higher education is not the same as it used to be. With the amount of information available on the internet, the price of college tuition is outrageous and needs to be readjusted as such. This realistic valuation, and level of technology, should allow anybody that wants to continue their education after high school to have that opportunity at the level best for them in an affordable and accessible way. Trade schools are also an important option, more and more as we move into an intelligent-age, as fewer and fewer people are actually able to complete tasks that are necessary to our infrastructure.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • More funding to schools, and a more modern system of education
  • Allowing teachers more freedom, and paying them a much higher salary
  • Treating education and internet access as a modern day right for all
  • Making college and/or trade school accessible to all people

Environment & Energy

Energy and the environment are humanity-level issues. And important ones. Regardless of which side of the fence you may land on in terms of the environment, sustainable energy is a priority for advancing how we perform as a world society. And even if you don’t believe that climate change will be the end of the world, we would all enjoy a world with clean air and water, food free of toxins, and health benefits. The effects of clean, sustainable energy are seen on all levels. On the macro level, we need to do a better job of treating it all as a holistic problem, not continue to throw partial solutions at saving the world. This will take a lot of time, and worldwide efforts to collaborate towards large-scale changes in how we operate. It is not something we can simply solve with reactive measures, no matter how great those efforts are.

In a purely energy perspective, I think research and innovation in using the natural energy sources of the Earth and its electric field as well as it’s wave-like patterns are the long-term bet. We have had the technology for some time to make natural energy affordable and accessible, but we must now make that commonplace. It’s time. It would also be a good idea to prioritize materials engineering and environmental science to discover the best way to utilize the natural resources we have to work with. This type of healthy innovation is something that can, and should be supported by healthy competition among the market, but with regulation to create a sense of continuity.

The five major environmental problems we face today are global warming, desertification, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and disposal of waste. On a governmental level, we have begun to set regulations and accountability systems, but must be smarter about our definition of success and pay closer attention to how money is influencing these movements. On a corporate and economic level, Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines have been created without a real sense of uniformity and companies provide limited information if any without requirement, but with proper follow through we could use this as a platform for funding large environmental projects with financing directly from the entities that contribute most to the problems. It all comes down to accountability, and right now we have many regulations in place financially. Let’s use that knowledge and those resources to follow through all the way with CSR/sustainability regulations.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • CSR/Sustainability regulations for corporations, with implementation
  • Policy to work with other nations actively, not just pledge money
  • Building the perspective that sustainability is also profitable long-term
  • Focusing on natural resources and materials, natural electricity and wave patterns


Healthcare should be a basic right, but this cannot happen simply by retrofitting our current system for everyone to fit in. I agree that the ACA was a good place to start, but it is not a permanent solution. We first need to change our healthcare system from a reactive process based in how much things cost, to a proactive solution to prioritize people never getting sick in the first place. This can be done by transitioning to an integrated, value-based healthcare model in which payers (either private or government) are incentivized to keep people healthy from the get go, and minimize healthcare costs proactively. This includes mental health, and is regardless of medical history.

In addition to this move towards integrated healthcare, I believe in price transparency for all medical products and procedures. This does not necessarily mean that all doctors must charge the same, but it should provide clarity to a range of what can be charged with full access to anyone, no matter their insurance. Healthcare providers, insurance companies, the government payer system, and all of the relationships between them will all be very similar to what they are now, but with price transparency and integrated healthcare initiatives, we can create real value that’s accessible to all people.

A largely referenced roadblock to providing healthcare to all people in the United States is the idea people argue that quality of care will slip and it will be harder to get access to doctors of choice. In our current system, we are not utilizing the middle tier enough. Our Physician Assistants, RNs and NPs, techs and assistants, etc. can all provide more if given the training and clearance to do so. This, combined with prioritizing patient outcomes over profits, will lead to a thriving healthcare system where people are happy and healthy on both ends. 

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Improving the ACA to cover everyone, set base prices for private payers
  • Moving towards an integrated, value-based healthcare model
  • Preventative healthcare initiatives, including mental health
  • Protecting those with new conditions, and with chronic conditions

Homeland Security  & Foreign Affairs

First and foremost, the goal in foreign affairs should be to unite the world, not jump so quickly to war for various party and corporate interests. Put humanity and diversity first. If we collaborate worldwide, we can create a culture of peace and unity between all nations. Similar to how we must find the grey area to find the truth between two parties in our national government, we must also acknowledge that the truth for how the world must unite is beyond our ideals alone. We are all humans, and ultimately, we all want the same things but are searching for it on different paths. That is a barrier we can, and should overcome as a species to be the best we can be.

We will be prepared for any attack no matter how big or small, we will defend ourselves with force should it be needed. But like with nuclear warfare and the idea of mutual destruction that came with it, we should never place our own display of power over finding a solution that is beneficial for all. We should always prioritize peace. We are a leader in the world landscape, and protect many good operations with our military, but we must prioritize always being on defense, fighting for the ethical and the just, and only going on the offense with military action in times of emergent threat.

Safety is one of our basic rights, and we should treat humans abroad with the same values. Our military is often the face of our nation to the people of the rest of the world, we ought to give them the respect that deserves, and make sure our first impressions on a personal and a national level are those of compassion and desire to help, not seeking reason for war or power struggles. All of these practices will be the long-term solution for keeping Americans safe domestic and abroad, as well as being a good example for leadership around the world. 

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Being more thoughtful and precise with military spending
  • Diplomacy, and viewing things from multiple perspectives
  • Making sure we are a leader in protecting worldwide human rights
  • Ensuring strong defense systems from all different types of threats

Infrastructure & Supply Chain

We have reached a tipping point in our infrastructure and supply chains, where continuing to solve problems with patchwork will eventually lead to a large-scale breakdown. The creation of high speed rails and underground tunnels are on the right track, similar to how our interstates and train systems have worked. It’s time to start moving towards the next chapter. These additions would be best utilized to take pressure off of our domestic supply chain first, and then move to commuting people from large city to large city more quickly, efficiently, and in a cleaner manner. After large routes are solidified, these technologies can be adapted down to smaller infrastructures also. It’s important we do this right, so that it will be built to last.

As important, or more important than making sure our infrastructure is built to last, is transitioning to more sustainable materials and processes. This can be done in phases over time, as long as there is vision and oversight coming from the regulatory entities at the federal level. This is a specific area in which materials engineers should be utilized and compensated to work in finding new ways to build infrastructure without as much need for constant repair like we face now.

Development of infrastructure and supply chains must work hand in hand with the advancement of technology so that we can think holistically, and maintain constant growth towards a common goal down the line.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Agreeing on a long-term vision for transportation and aligning work with it
  • Research on sustainable, lasting materials and processes to be used
  • Modernizing our infrastructure through innovation rewards and subsidies
  • Maintaining diversity among different regions while transportation evolves

Jobs & Labor

The most important thing that I would advocate for in regards to jobs and labor, is that I believe all first responders, teachers, trade workers, and essential jobs should be salaried at a value point where it ensures covering all average living costs relative to everybody living in the area where they work. Essential jobs should include any job that makes sure that the greater public has what it needs to survive. We have learned a lot about this in the recent times of crisis. These jobs need to be revered for how important they truly are, and rewarded as such.

Politicians often tout how low their unemployment rate is, but neglect the fact that the jobs they are providing aren’t feasible to actually live a comfortable life. I think this is a product of a disconnect between modern expectations, but trying to keep up using an old 9-5 corporate work day structure. Quantity of jobs and unemployment is accounted for, but quality of jobs is important too. Fair value of work needs to be reevaluated.

I envision a straightforward system where education occurs until age 20, 20 to 60 are working years, and after 60 you are allowed to retire no matter what. You can choose to work earlier or later, but financial support should be given towards education and retirement. During working years, a safety net should be provided by the government of basic rights such as shelter, water and food, hygiene essentials, healthcare, education, and an opportunity to work back towards a normal life. These people should be able to sign up for a database, and in return for this safety net, can work small jobs until they get on their feet.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Fairly compensating first responders and essential jobs
  • More human-centric metrics in assessing the labor market
  • Providing a safety net for workers that face adversity
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and small business jobs

Justice & Ethics

Our justice system needs to be simplified, and centered around the idea of being good people. If we were to start over, what would our rules and guidelines look like in this modern age? I think that our priorities have drifted towards outside interests, our justice system included, and a correction needs to be made. As with any other department, if we can create understandable and consistent guidelines for everyone, and apply them equitably to all, it will be easier to hold officials as accountable as we do the general public, but also to protect them. Our officers hold themselves to very high standards, but are often caught in situations that are difficult to define. With more transparency, we can allow the law to work the way it’s supposed to, but consistency is the key. If we prioritize clarity in the law, not allowing for the manipulation of words to have the same legislation applied differently case by case.

All people deserve to be treated equally in our justice system, no matter what. The ideals that all are created equal, and that things aren’t always as they seem may be cliché, but they are as true as it gets. A theoretical to picture when analyzing the fairness of our justice system is to think that if the roles were all switched around, defense to prosecution, jury to judge, etc., would I still think it was fair?

As for our prison system, I believe in a transition towards making prison more about learning from mistakes and rehabilitating to rejoin society rather than blind punishment. As with any other group, human interests must come first, and even somebody who has made mistakes deserves to try to better themselves.

 If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Initiatives to eliminate bias, both conscious and subconscious
  • Simplifying legislation, make it easier to understand and accessible
  • Making efforts to close loopholes through modernization
  • Prison system reform to be more learning and rehabilitation-based

Science, Space & Technology

There is one idea regarding science and innovation that has always stumped me. Why don’t we reward innovation in “raising the floor”, making the worst parts of our society less bad, as much or more than advancing the next frontiers? I agree, pushing the limits of what we are capable of is exciting, and should not stop. It’s part of what we are here for. But I strongly believe the value of innovation in things like making personal hygiene and essentials more easily accessible, or water filtration for the whole world, etc., lies at least even on the priority scale with planning how we might live on Mars one day.

On the topic of Space, I think it’s important that as we advance into this new frontier we treat it for the amazing spectacle it is. A new part of our Universe to experience and learn from. It should not be treated as something to militarize or conquer. Space programs like learning about life in space or accessible, sustainable space travel should be celebrated as the huge step it is, not shrouded in war.

One thing I believe we must be acutely aware of as we continue in this age of rapid innovation and advancement, is the fact that technology comes with negative effects. Especially negative effects on us as human beings. We must remember that technology is a tool that we use and work with, it is not and should not become a replacement for humanity. We have not even gotten close to the true capability of the technology we can discover, it would be a shame to take too early of an exit. We also must realign with, and stay in line with, ethics in the time of rapid innovation.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Subsidies for innovation in providing more access to quality of life for all
  • Keeping space a collaborative, non-militarized zone
  • Sustainability and ethics regulations, keeping the good of all humanity forefront
  • Researching life in space, as well as sustainable, accessible space travel

Treasury & Budget

Inflation has made putting together an optimized budget together more difficult than it should be, but the important thing is to keep priorities straight in how to help people thrive on an individual level that scales to everyone, and to look at how categories relate to each other and change over time rather than gross numbers. Budget priorities should include agriculture, basic rights, healthcare, education, and sustainable innovation in infrastructure. 

If we invest in things of true value, we can soften the blow of what is happening to the real value of the US dollar. Now more than ever, the budget must focus on helping people as directly as it can. Not corporations, consumers. We can’t keep throwing money away, and a transparent movement to align the budget with human interests is the first step in strengthening the financial situation of our country and our country’s people.

Tax codes have been so outdated and overcomplicated, that they provide a huge wealth barrier protecting the rich and making others struggle. We must simplify the tax code so that it is more understandable to people that haven’t necessarily studied finance, and we must eliminate chances for corporations and high net worth individuals to find ways around paying their fair share of taxes. Higher tax rates on the rich will provide a large amount of the funding needed in advancing the government’s support of basic rights for all, among other things, and my honest belief is that these tax regulations won’t keep people from prospering in a capitalist market, but it will raise the floor of that market. And that is what I think our financial situation needs.

If elected, I will prioritize:

  • Budget items that directly serve human interests and quality of life
  • Locating sources of perpetually losing money, and solving the problems
  • Simplifying tax codes, and eliminating loopholes through transparency
  • Funding basic rights programs with higher taxes on money derivatives and the wealthy

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